hello guys welcome to the site revealing the facts today we got a news and it was a news which all the world should know how we are getting advanced these days.the YAMAHA AI BIKE

here The Yamaha Motoroid Concept showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 . Its on a concept of artificial intelligence which will also interact with the rider during riding..

The concept was originally taken from the motodroid in the film of terminator..

HERE A VIDEO ON IT FROM OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL Revealing the facts and the link to our channel  :

The bike has all the parts made of carbon fibre..and the best part of the bike is the bike recognizes its rider and it is totally a lithium powered bike  and is fully electric..

It gives the rider extra support and safety features… it has gyroscope installed and can move on its own to the desired place where the rider wants to go..

lets reveal the news:

This will be available to the customers after some years as it is in the testing mode.Such type of bike has added artificial intelligence inside the automobile industry.

there is nothing to reveal about this news as it is a legitimate news from yamaha and nothing is fake in this concept of bike. you can check the above video that how it works.

guys now its time to  comment below and let the world know what you think about the advanced bike and how it gonna takeover in this world as a artificial intelligence bike.

Please tell us how will you feel if you own one such bike and you are gonna ride it on road for the 1st time.

Thank you.

Source:local news/newspaper/internet

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